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Mari Berbahasa


Slide 2 : The importance of English for secretary
- English is a needs
As we know, these day English is a needs because English is international language. In many case people have to speak English. For example, as a secretary they have to be able to speak English well.

- how to get English ability
there is many way to get a good English ability. Such as :
• join English course
• join English exam such as TOEIC or TOEFL
• accustomed to listening and speaking in English
if it feels to hard , another easier way to learn English. Such as, listening English songs and then search the lyrics and understand the meaning. But usually English for secretary is more formal than the dialy used English.

Slide 3 : Secretary jobs
Many company are looking for secretary who can speak foreign languages well. Especially if they work in multinational company.

Secretary jobs that usually using English, there are :
- communication by phone
- mail handling
- arranging meeting
- handling guest, especially foreign guest
- travel arrangement

Slide 4 : the influence of English language skills for secretaries

in addition to support office work, English for secretaries is also important for himself. eg with good ability and loyalty he will easily get a job, easy to ride position, and has a large enough salary according to his ability

negative impact if a secretary is not proficient in English :
- hard to get a good job
- always be subordinate
- small amount of salary
- hard to do job for promotion

conclusion: in today's era of globalization, English is very important for a secretary to support her work and her career

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